HRC’s Gender Visibility Guide

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Queer Camp 2012 in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Queer Camp 2012 is coming this August 2nd-5th.  Open to campers ages 12-17, Queer Camp is a safe place for LGBT youth and allies to gather, talk, share, and forge new friendships.  The beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains location provides a wonderful setting for capture the flag, nature hikes, tye-dye, s’mores, and more.
We do our best to encourage communication, community building, and cooperation.  This allows queer youth and their allies to find one another and create a strong support network.
Queer Camp is an experience unlike any other, and we hope to see you there.

Over 17, but still interested?  Just as important as the youth campers are our adult counselors.  Those 21 and over are welcome to apply.  For interview information, email

Registration is open now at  Questions?  Email or call the Diversity Center at
(831) 425-5422. 
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7) What are your favorite physical features of yourself?

hmm….I’d have to say my inherited ability to grow body hair really super fast (happy trail!). And my butt. I mean, it’s a butt! what’s not to love about butts? They’re perfect on anybody, really. 

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6) When did you realize you were Genderqueer?

I’ve always known, I just never knew there was a term for it until …..April? Yeah, I’d have to say April.

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5) Dysphoria and how you manage it

My sister always compliments me, and I either buy one of those 25 cent sticky moustaches, or have mini makeovers, or she just plain out brings out dad’s shaving cream and a razor to shave our faces. :p

It’s not really much, but little things always help..

if nothing helps, i just fall asleep for the rest of the day or go on tumblr and talk to other genderqueeries and read their stories. It’s super motivating. :)

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Um im curious, why do you (not only you ive seen it in a lot of blogs and stuff) put this * after some words, like you just did with trans* or such?? → Anonymous

The * is called an asterisk, and in the trans community, it’s an umbrella term that refers to all of the identities within the gender identity spectrum. For example, not only transgendered people, but also  transsexual, transvestite, genderqueer, genderfluid, non-binary, genderfuck, genderless, agender, non-gendered, third gender, two-spirit, bigender, and trans man and trans woman.

An umbrella term is basically something that covers more than the word is, does that make any sense..?

 and some people use the asterisk for LGBT now as well, to recognize that not all queer folks are only gay, lesbian, bi, or transgendered. 

I hope this helps!! :)

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I didn’t think it’d get this many notes!

I didn’t think it’d get this many notes!

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3) What do you enjoy about not conforming to traditional gender roles or stereotypes? Do you ever purposefully challenge expectations through your presentation?

I can’t really say I’m enjoying much about not conforming, especially when there’s a word like nonconforming. I feel like some sort of criminal or something, it’s awesome at times. 

hahaha yeah I challenge expectations. My dad is like super traditional Mexican, so when we go to parties, the women get dressed up in their best and wear makeup, but I wear dress shirts and vests or something. 

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2) How did you grow up with your gender?

I’ve always disliked gender roles before I knew the term, and I’d always play with my brother instead of the other girls in my neighborhood. I’ve had my hair short from the day I was 3 and chopped it off myself because I didn’t like being called a girl or a boy, and when I’d play dolls with my brother, we’d cut their hair off too so they could be like me. My mom always assumed I was just a tomboy growing up, and starting 8th grade or so, she started pressuring me more and more about wearing makeup and wearing pastel coloured clothing. my high school years got worse, and she prohibitted me cutting my hair until recently, when she saw how dysphoric I started getting. My dad still thinks I’m just a “lazy tomboy” and he’s pretty happy thinking i do this to drive boys away.

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1) Do you use any other terms to define or explain your gender?

I like to use the term gender chameleon sometimes.

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You know what makes me entirely too angry? That I’m trying to research genderqueer stuff a little more and the internet refers to it as “gender identity disorder”. Since when is it a fucking disorder you inconsiderate pricks? Maybe we should say “cisgender identity disorder”. Fuck you. Seriously. It’s not a fucking disorder. Fuck. You.

^^^this has happened to me too.

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Have you ever felt like you wish you belonged in one category? Like a cisfemale or a transguy?
I do. I’m too masculine for lesbians here, and guys I talk to start pulling away when they see me dress a bit more masculine, and pass..

I miss relationships…I hate not having certain male traits…I hate not being able to feel comfortable with my assigned birth traits…

I hate the double feeling of dysphoria…

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Just thought I’d post my face some more today. :p

Just thought I’d post my face some more today. :p

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